Air Conditioning Unit

When the warm weather is approaching, it is time for business owners to think about installing an AC system in the building. Before hiring air conditioning installers, the owner should understand a bit about the unit and the installation process.

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What Is an AC Unit?

An AC system is a machine that treats the air in the building. The refrigerated machine will remove the warm air from the building and replace it with cool air.

How Is an Air Conditioning Unit Installed?

In order to install an AC unit, you would need to hire a professional. If there is no existing ductwork and vents in the building, it would make the job much more complicated. Also, if the unit is not installed by a professional, it will likely void the warranty.

Why Would a Business Use an Air Conditioning Unit?

Without an AC system, the building would be incredibly uncomfortable during the hot summer months. If the business owner installs an air conditioning unit, the building will be cool and comfortable. It is important that clients and employees are comfortable in the building.

What Are the Benefits of Air Conditioning?

The main benefit of an AC system is that the building will be cool and comfortable regardless of the temperature outside. The unit will also take the humidity out of the air. Best of all, a central AC system will keep it cool throughout the entire building.

What Are the Drawbacks of Air Conditioning?

The only drawback of having an AC unit installed is the cost. It can be expensive to run an air conditioner, even it if is an energy efficient model. Also, every year, you would need to hire a professional to come in and clean and service the unit. Finally, if the ductwork and vents don't already exist in the building, the cost to install the unit can be very expensive.

What Is the Process of Installing an Air Conditioning Unit?

There is a process for installing an AC system. First, the area would be measured so that the installer can determine what size unit you will need. Next comes the ductwork. If it is a newer building, the ducts and vents may already be in place. If they aren't the installer will need to install the ducts and vents to allow the air to circulate through the building. Once the vents and ducts are in place, the installer would inspect the insulation in the building. If it needs to be updated, it can be done at this time. Finally, the installer would place the refrigerated unit in the designated place outdoors and they would install a control panel in the building.

How Long Does It Take?

In most cases, the installing technician will try to get the job done in one day. Typically, the job will take between to 4 to 8 hours, depending on the size of the building. If new ductwork and vents need to be installed, it can make the job take considerably longer.